Automatic Single Slide

slide_door2TX9000 Sliding Door System: The TX9000 Slide Door System is the ultimate intelligent system. It incorporates state of the art iMotion® direct drive system technology with self-adjusting fully programmable iMotion® micro-processor control and on board diagnostics coupled with outstanding door profile design. The door systems are available in Outside Slide (TX9200) Inside Slide (TX9300) Telescoping Outside Slide (TX9420) and Inside Slide (TX9430) and in All Glass (TX9500).

iMotion® 2301 Standard Duty Direct Drive: Created for long lasting efficiency and performance. The iMotion® Direct Drive System has no gears to wear or no leaking oil or grease. No motor brushes, commutator or couplings to replace "Wear Free Drive Principle". The result is a long service life with the lowest total cost of ownership. The iMotion® drive is extremely quite in operation, and offers self-adjusting programmable iMotion® micro-processor controller with advanced auto diagnostics, and plug and play features, which make installation and operation fast and simple. Applications with large or heavy doors, upgrade with the iMotion® 2401 Heavy Duty Direct Drive System.

Auto Diagnostics: The iMotion® Direct Drive System is continuously monitored by an on-board auto diagnostic system; when a fault is detected a blinking code is displayed on the remote Seven-Segmented Function Control Panel. This swift response provides the building management crew with immediate information and allows for faster problem resolution. Door operating characteristics and door parameters may also be changed through the Seven-Segmented Function Control Panel. Standard with all slide door systems, the door can be field adjusted to meet any operating condition.

Self-Adjusting iMotion® Controller: The iMotion® Direct Drive System maintains optimal performance at all times through the use of an on-board self-adjusting closed loop iMotion® micro-processor control system. The system periodically checks the door's operating limits and makes automatic adjustment to compensate for temperature, wind, dust, dirt, stack pressure and other outside factors, which alter the system's performance.